Back in the Booth

It’s been nearly two years since my last gig in Seville.  At the time everything related to soul, disco, and deep house–any underground dance music, really–was a very uphill struggle and I was worn out.  So when my son was born I disappeared into the shadows and vowed to make my return when Seville was ready.  (Actually, I just stopped going out and trying to find a new venue for the music people party I had been throwing for a few years prior.)

It seems things have shifted.  There are more record fairs, a renewed interest in vinyl, and some fresh blood throwing parties with a very different, more organic and soulful sound.  First among them is Bisau, a Thursday weekly hosted by Esteban Bove, Boni G Miranda, and Ylia.  I’m happy to announce that I will be their guest this evening.  I hope all the old music people dancers can at least swing by and say hi.  I’ve got literally dozens of new records that I’ve never played in Seville before that I’m eager to try out.  Here’s the info: