Love Calling: We Return on February 10

The first party was one of my favorite events in years. There was a large, eclectic, international crowd of enthusiastic dancers and a great vibe all night long. We’re very excited to be back at Malandar for another Love Call. We hope to see you on the dance floor! Grrrrr.

New Mix to Kick Off 2017: The Malandar Mix

Here’s a new mix, which I put together for a Music People party last week at Sala Malandar, Sevilla. It’s spontaneous–unplanned and unrehearsed–played from records as I was packing my record bag. It might be a little rough in spots, but I guess you can say it’s more of a faithful representation of what I’m like live after a few beers than some of the more careful mixes I’ve done at home in the past. And, unfortunately, it’s just over a half hour long. These days, with what little time I have, ether I record this way or I don’t record at all.

OdDio – The Malandar Mix – Tracklisting

  • Grupo Los Yoyi – Tu No Me Puedes Conquistar
  • Buari – Anokwar (Truth) (Hide & Smile Edit)
  • I.O.B. – How To Groove (Edit)
  • Luv – Crazy Changes
  • Midas Touch – Nightlife Pt. 1
  • Nasty City – Disco Baby
  • Tribute to Muhammed Ali
  • Lo-end – Le Beat
  • Alex and his Soul Messengers – Hail to Guyana (Instrumental)
  • Society Inc. – Disc Jockey Jam
  • Milton Wright – Keep It Up
  • Momie O – You’re Welcome, Stop On By