About Andrew

Hey there. My name is Andrew. I'm a writer, teacher, deejay, and music fanatic--interests which I hope will come together nicely here on Crativity. This project is meant to be all about the music, so self-promotion will be kept to a minimum; if you'd like to hear some of my mixes, read my self-aggrandizing bio, find out about my gigs, or other matters, try ODDIOFILE.NET.

Music People this Saturday, March 16

My first attempt at a club night here in Spain, Music People, is coming back to life this weekend. I have a lot of good memories attached to the name and party, which served as a sort of dry run for Love Call and put me in touch with a lot of like-minded souls from here in Seville and from elsewhere.

Anyway, this Saturday funky Nassau and I, alongside long-time friend Crocconuts (formerly Boiler Boy), who is one of the folks behind the Barrioteca parties, will be up to some real superhero shit in the DJ booth. Stop by and say “hi.”

There’s a 6-euro cover charge, but you can get in for free by signing up for the guestlist here. If you like to drink, though, it’s not really a big deal–cause if you pay you get a drink or two beers (a 6-euro value).