Thank You, Sevilla

From the whole team that put together the ON AIR party (Love Call & LIE Radio), our most heartfelt thanks to everyone who came to our Saturday park party and made it so much fun!  It was a beautiful day in every way.  Yeah, the music was good–but you danced your asses off, and that makes all the difference.

These parties are very labor intensive and people who organize day-events expose themselves to all sorts of risks that could easily spell economic disaster (bad weather, a competitor that decides to throw a similar party the same day, equipment failure, etc.) and we are thrilled to have made it through without incurring losses.  It could easily have been otherwise, which is why I feel so grateful to everyone who came out and danced.  When you leave money at a bar at a free event like this, know that you are also paying for the DJs, bar staff, publicity, entertainment for children, DJ booth, and a million other things.  You are also helping to ensure that fun days like this can happen again.  THANK YOU!!!

Andrew and Sam play #dancefloorburners

Andrew Oddio working the floor at ON AIR, Sevilla - April 28, 2018

Check some of the DJ sets at LIE Radio’s mixcloud page!  Unfortunately, our mix was recorded to loud and had a lot of clipping.  I’ll do another mix soon, though, promise.


A Few Love Call T-shirts up for Grabs

We have yet to do a proper run of T-shirts–despite people asking pretty much every day–begging, pleading–for us to have some made up, but you now have the chance to win a Love Call T-shirt (or a LIE one!) just by liking a couple facebook pages and tagging a few friends.  These are extremely hot, and very limited (only 5 of each, embroidered by the savvy, stylish folks at Debaga, so you know no-one’s even gonna be able to cramp your style.)

Click the photo below for more info!



The people have spoken, and we have responded.  A daytime, outdoor ☀LOVE CALL☀ is finally in the works with our friends at ☀LIE RADIO☀.  Join us for a nice long afternoon of music, food, fun, friends and family–oh, and the the entry is free!

Música, talleres y merequetengue


Alphone [Industrias94]
Andrew Oddio [Music PeopleLove Call]
Esteban Bove [LIE RADIO]
Jade Tansa [LIE RADIO]
Lost Twin [Spaced Out Family]
Samuel Baron [Love Call]


☀”Gri Gri” Taller de Danza de África del Oeste – West African Dance Workshop con Silvia Roldán y música a cargo de Chardin Petit Lopez/ West African dance workshop
☀Taller de pompas gigantes / Giant bubble workshop
☀Animación infantil / Activities for kids