Love Call: Club de Baile

After an incredible fall season which culminated in December with what was, without a doubt, one of the parties of the year thanks to special guest Marcel Vogel, Love Call kicks off 2019 with a new concept: Club de Baile! We’re renaming the party in honor of our wonderful, energetic dancers who always give it their all, and the unbeatable vibe they create–admired by club promoters worldwide.

Who ever said January had to be dull?! That’s what people said about the “Puente de la Inmaculada” and just look at how things went down at our party at SALA X on December 8. It’s always a good time for a night of music, dancing, and the best people in town. So whisk away the January blues and come dance a while…

Presale tickets are available on eventbrite, but you can also lock in 6-euro entry by signing up for the mailing list.  All list subscribers will get discount entry to this and all future LOVE CALL events.

MARCEL VOGEL at Love Call – Saturday, December 8, 2018

Marcel Vogel, Andrew OdDio, & Nassau’s Finest – Love Call Dec 8 2018

Our next guest is the founder of one of the best disco and house labels to come out of Europe in the past decade. Musician, producer, and exceptional DJ, Marcel Vogel is the heart and soul behind Lumberjacks in Hell, the “the best Chicago dance music label not based in Chicago” according to 5 Magazine, and home to some of the biggest names in today’s disco revival: Al Kent, Karizma, Rahaan, Jamie 326, Dan Shake, Red Greg, and many others.

Of German origin but based in Amsterdam for many years, Vogel also runs Intimate Friends, a sublabel for more cutting-edge, abstract releases, and has just recently compiled a stellar selection of unreleased gems for the prestigious British label BBE (“Marcel Vogel’s Lumberjacks in Hell”), with which the label celebrates its eighth birthday.

As a DJ, Marcel is refined selector and impeccable mixer of disco and house. Seville is the only stop on the Iberian peninsula on his current promotional tour, a quick visit between longer stints in Australia and the UK, confirmation once again that Love Call is the premier monthly for disco, boogie, and house in southern Spain.

Drawing an enthusiastic, international crowd of music-lovers to each and every one of their parties, residents Andrew Oddio and Samuel Baron aka “Nassau’s Finest” continue to grow Love Call as a largely residents-only movement, counting only occasionally on special guests and, yet, achieving an energy and magic that is rarely topped. That said–given the musical territory Andrew, Samuel, and Marcel have in common–the trio promise to make this the best LOVE CALL yet!


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When Sam and I started LOVE CALL, we did it with the firm belief that the real measure of a party was its residents, and that the real path to the open, friendly, fun vibe we all love to find at a party was not the result of expensive international bookings, but local talent, attention to detail, and the character of the people who attend the party regularly.

We have something we know is very special: the best crowd we’ve ever seen at a dance-music party in Seville.  The incredible vibe of the LOVE CALL parties is almost entirely a local, Seville-based achievement. In two years we’ve had just three guest DJs–JSD, Lovespread, and Juani Cash–all of them Spain-based DJs of the highest calibre.  It’s been a great pleasure to welcome them into the family and show them what a special thing we have going.

We’re not about to risk it by switching things up too drastically–yet at the same time we feel it’s time to reach beyond our local surroundings and start inviting, on occasion, the DJs we, ourselves, most admire.  Our next guest, Marcel Vogel, is one of these people–boss of one of the best disco and house labels to come out of Europe in the past decade, and a DJ very much after our own style and taste.  The economics of bringing guests to a party–even local ones–isn’t easy, so for this very special occasion we have to raise our usual low price of 6 euros (including drink/2 beers)–which is to say “free” for drinkers–to 8 euros (drink/2 beers STILL included!).

Price increase aside, we don’t want to leave any of our people out in the cold, so we’re offering discount entry at the usual price of 6 euros (yes, you still get the drink or beers!) to the first 100 people who sign up for our new mailing list.  We promise to send very few emails–always relevant to where you live and in the language (English or Spanish) you prefer–and as long as you remain on the email list you will automatically be put on the guest list for EVERY Love Call party!!!  Of course, if you have a little extra and don’t mind paying a bit more, as a number of people have said they would, we thank you!