Mystery Mix Published

The people over at #andYOUexprience Huelva asked me to submit a mix to their new COVID-quarantine podcast thing,

Unfortunately, I told them, I’m #busyAF with work and family obligations all at once, doing it all from the kitchen, and have no time for fun and games (in so many words).

It might look new, might even sound a bit fresh…but this mix is from over a decade ago. I have only vague memories of most of the records on here, so it came as a pleasant surprise when I came across it, and was glad they accepted it cause this COVID lockdown shit is no joke for the working parent. (Either you know and you get it, or you don’t and you couldn’t possibly.) Anyway… give it a listen if you want.

New Mix for Sonidos Distintos

When Sonidos Distintos come knocking, you do your best to step outside of the box–so I did something a little different for them. Here’s a mix comprised entirely of records I have never played out at a gig. I hope you enjoy the different records and the atypical trajectory.

Rubber Baby Boogie Bumpers (A Love Call Mix)

My third LOVE CALL mix is now playing on Mixcloud. Check it!

  • Kaidi Tatham – Hard Times
  • Dave Maze – Funky Destiny
  • Gary Byrd & The G.B. Experience – The Crown
  • Saucy Lady – On the Floor
  • A Taste of Honey – Do It Good (Rahaan Edit)
  • Will Sessions & Amp Fiddler – Rendezvous
  • Dedé – Sinceramente
  • Joäo Donato e Donatinho – Lei Do Amor
  • Xantoné Blacq – Yes I Do 
  • Mr Mensah, Kadi Tatham, & Dego – Mononymous Person 
  • 9dw – Bobby’s Jam (12” Mix)
  • Norma Jean Bell – Dreams 
  • Twice aka Patrick Gibin – She Paused
  • Angelo Tinsley – Get Down With Me (Serge Gamesbourg)
  • Frnt Bznzz – Cool It, Pump the Breaks
  • E. Live – Everybody
  • E. Live feat. Chesta Blake – Flotational Device

Many thanks for liking, sharing, etc.