Rubber Baby Boogie Bumpers (A Love Call Mix)

My third LOVE CALL mix is now playing on Mixcloud. Check it!

  • Kaidi Tatham – Hard Times
  • Dave Maze – Funky Destiny
  • Gary Byrd & The G.B. Experience – The Crown
  • Saucy Lady – On the Floor
  • A Taste of Honey – Do It Good (Rahaan Edit)
  • Will Sessions & Amp Fiddler – Rendezvous
  • Dedé – Sinceramente
  • Joäo Donato e Donatinho – Lei Do Amor
  • Xantoné Blacq – Yes I Do 
  • Mr Mensah, Kadi Tatham, & Dego – Mononymous Person 
  • 9dw – Bobby’s Jam (12” Mix)
  • Norma Jean Bell – Dreams 
  • Twice aka Patrick Gibin – She Paused
  • Angelo Tinsley – Get Down With Me (Serge Gamesbourg)
  • Frnt Bznzz – Cool It, Pump the Breaks
  • E. Live – Everybody
  • E. Live feat. Chesta Blake – Flotational Device

Many thanks for liking, sharing, etc.

F E V E R 0 1: Freedom Music

New set, first in a year.  100% house music, made the other day from records I was pulling for the Fever party.  I didn’t have much time to plan or warm up, so it starts a bit rough but I think I found my groove in the end.  Certainly a more accurate reflextion of how I DJ live that some of the more careful mixes on here.  Hope you enjoy!

Features music by Roy Davis Jr, San Soda, Larry Heard, Stacy Kidd, Peven Everett, Ron Trent, DJ Boring, DJ Honesty, Karizma, Amp Fiddler, Tito Wun, Dan Shake, Books, etc.

My Abandoned Soundcloud Page

And so it was that many years later I realized I still had some free space sitting there (so to speak), unused, on my Soundcloud page.  I decided to upload one of my post popular mixes, Melô Do Andrew Oddio (A Brazilian Wax Mix).

I’ve never used Soundcloud much because I think Mixcloud is better for mixes (and free), but maybe the thing to do is use both.  Anyway, if you’re on Soundcloud, follow me, leave a comment–whatever.