Javi Bayo on New Monday Radio

I started listening to New Monday Radio about a year ago.  I particularly enjoy the profiles and mixes it features from DJs around Spain.  It’s nice to get a sense of what people are up to in other cities–sometimes places that you don’t immediately think of having any sort of soul or disco scene.  Anyway, I was delighted to see that their newest show features none other than Javi Bayo.  You may know of him from his recent compilation on Vampisoul, Fetén, and the recent rerelease of Pedro Iturralde’s Jazz Flamenco.  You may also remember him from the stellar interview he gave with Concept Radio on record collecting in the digital age.

Javi is a man who really knows his music, and it’s obvious from the moment he opens his mouth.  Even if you don’t understand Spanish, the depth of his crates and his love of music come across perfectly clear through his selections.  This is next-level stuff.  I haven’t met very many people in Spain who can really hang with the world-class diggers and djs, but Javi is first among those who can.

New Monday & Javi Bayo Radio Show by New Monday on Mixcloud