Love Call Anniversary Set at Electronic Lunch

Much has been said about this event lately, but the fact remains that it’s still the biggest party in town. This Saturday they have their last event of the year–and we’re doing a LOVE CALL anniversary set in honor of our three years of great times.

Seville definitely deserves a daytime party where parents can easily and comfortably take their kids to hear quality dance music. Electronic Lunch can fulfill that promise–and I’d like to think that Sam and I are jut the sort of DJs to make it happen. There are also activities for the youngins to take part in. So come on down the the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contempor├íneo nice and early for a dose of that feel-good music Love Call is known for. We’re on from 14:00-16:00. Expect the usual warm, all-vinyl mix of disco, boogie, house, soul, afrobeat, Brazilian, and whatever else we want to throw into the stew.