Music People Promo Mixes

I started the Music People mix series years ago, when I started doing music people parties.  In the past week, we’ve doubled the episode count–with new sets by Juani Cash and myself, in preparation from the big boogie tomorrow at Sala Malandar.

Music People is all about bringing together a wide array of different music and making it sound natural.  In these mixes I’ve tried to represent the trajectory of an entire night in a normal, CD-length mix, which can be a challenge–but it’s sort of how I DJ, anyway.  So expect a bit of pretty much everything: soul, hip hop, disco, boogie, Brazilian, broken beat, house, and all the usual suspects

Here they are:


Love Call – March 17 – with Special Guest JSD

Samuel and I are very excited about our first guest at Love Call, Jordi Sagrera aka JSD.  Jordi is the designer behind the Oddiofile website, the Love Call logo, and all of our flyers, but he is also a very talented DJ with deep crates and exquisite tastes.  Check the exclusive mix he did for Love Call here to see what I mean.

Love Call

For more info, check the Facebook event here.