Love Call – 2nd Anniversary Party!

Here’s the info for our big two-year celebration.  More years than ever, more jams than ever, more fun that ever!

PRESS RELEASE:  It’s been two years since Andrew OdDio and Samuel Baron started LOVE CALL, a project which aimed to open up a space in Seville for disco, boogie, and house music of the classy, deep, fun variety–and so bring music-lovers and dancers together on one very groovy dancefloor.

Since then, they’ve managed to do just that–and this is a cause for great celebration! As the word has spread and the dancefloor filled, Love Call has become one of the best-known and beloved club nights in Seville, and has garnered an excellent reputation within the disco and house scenes nationwide, culminating in the enormously successful Love Call night at BClub/Café Berlin last spring.

All of this is thanks to the open, fun, international crowd and the supremely danceable music played; talented guests DJs (JSD, Lovespread, and Juani Cash); and residents Andrew and Samuel, who will be playing dancefloor burners B2B all night on November 2 to celebrate two years of very good times.

Love Call Showcase at Electronic Lunch

This Saturday, Samuel and I will take the stage at one of the most well-known outdoor music events here in Seville: Electronic Lunch.  Electronic Lunch feat. Love Call Showcase

Apparently we’re on from 15:00H – 17:00H, so pack a picnic and get there nice and early to enjoy the sun and the love vibes.

ELECTRONIC LUNCH es una propuesta de ocio familiar, gratuita y al aire libre pensada para que niños y mayores aprendan disfrutando de la música, el arte y la tecnología de una manera original e innovadora.
Concebido para una generación de padres y madres que quieren compartir con sus hijos una manera diferente de vivir el tiempo libre. Padres y madres que buscan la fórmula de compaginar sus vidas y compartir sus aficiones asistiendo a conciertos, exposiciones… Y quieren disfrutar de todo ello junto a sus hijos.
Música, arte, gastronomía y tecnología son los pilares básicos de esta propuesta cultural donde se incluyen actividades, talleres, conciertos y sesiones de Dj,s.

12:00H/13:00H – CLARA FERRARO (Patio principal)
13:00H/14:00H – TALLER DE STREET DANCE (Patio principal)
13:00H/14:00H – LEKTRONO (Patio Principal)
14:00H/15:00H – TALLER DE APPS MUSICALES (Aula anexa a Café Cartuja)
14:00H/15:00H – JUAN RÍOS LIVE! (Patio principal)
15:00H/16:00H – TALLER DE COMPOSICIÓN MUSICAL (Aula anexa a Café Cartuja)
16:00H/17:00H – TALLER DE ABLETON (Aula anexa a Café Cartuja)
17:00H/18:30H – BONY STUCHE (Patio Principal)
18:30H/CIERRE – ALE ACOSTA (Patio Principal)