Love Call Showcase at Electronic Lunch

This Saturday, Samuel and I will take the stage at one of the most well-known outdoor music events here in Seville: Electronic Lunch.  Electronic Lunch feat. Love Call Showcase

Apparently we’re on from 15:00H – 17:00H, so pack a picnic and get there nice and early to enjoy the sun and the love vibes.

ELECTRONIC LUNCH es una propuesta de ocio familiar, gratuita y al aire libre pensada para que niños y mayores aprendan disfrutando de la música, el arte y la tecnología de una manera original e innovadora.
Concebido para una generación de padres y madres que quieren compartir con sus hijos una manera diferente de vivir el tiempo libre. Padres y madres que buscan la fórmula de compaginar sus vidas y compartir sus aficiones asistiendo a conciertos, exposiciones… Y quieren disfrutar de todo ello junto a sus hijos.
Música, arte, gastronomía y tecnología son los pilares básicos de esta propuesta cultural donde se incluyen actividades, talleres, conciertos y sesiones de Dj,s.

12:00H/13:00H – CLARA FERRARO (Patio principal)
13:00H/14:00H – TALLER DE STREET DANCE (Patio principal)
13:00H/14:00H – LEKTRONO (Patio Principal)
14:00H/15:00H – TALLER DE APPS MUSICALES (Aula anexa a Café Cartuja)
14:00H/15:00H – JUAN RÍOS LIVE! (Patio principal)
15:00H/16:00H – TALLER DE COMPOSICIÓN MUSICAL (Aula anexa a Café Cartuja)
16:00H/17:00H – TALLER DE ABLETON (Aula anexa a Café Cartuja)
17:00H/18:30H – BONY STUCHE (Patio Principal)
18:30H/CIERRE – ALE ACOSTA (Patio Principal)

Daniel Paul Cortez – Live at Panorama Bar, Berlin

One of my favorite DJs, Daniel Paul Cortez, recently made his first trip over to Europe to DJ and–lucky for us–he recorded his set at Panorama Bar.

Daniel is one of the Twin Cities’ biggest underground DJs–a huge talent that is as popular with the techno heads as he is with the disco purists–and while I was there I had the pleasure of seeing him play in all kinds of venues at all hours of the night.  What made his sets so memorable, and such an inspiration to me, was how fresh and unexpected the combination of records always was.  A lot of DJs play some of the same records, but few can do it like Daniel–so often blazing the ballsiest trails though perilous, uncharted territory and making it all sound so good.

But don’t take my word for it.  Check this out: