Weasel Groove

My disco-weasel friend Josh Goldman (aka DJ Klas, aka Replay) is a one of the most knowledgeable soul and disco collectors around.  I’ve learned about at least a dozen great records from him personally, but usually can’t ID more than a record or two when I hear him play.  His first edit release (on his own Secret Weapon Time label) is the same as his sets–obscure and wonderful.

I have no other information on these songs, what release they’re from, or who the artists are; I only know that they’re very rare.  As for the edits: only 113 copies were pressed, and this release will never be repressed.  So don’t blink, or you might miss it.  Almost the entire run sold out presale, but a few dozen remaining copies should appear at Earcave (US) and Red Light Records (Holland) in the next week or two.