New Mix to Kick Off 2017: The Malandar Mix

Here’s a new mix, which I put together for a Music People party last week at Sala Malandar, Sevilla. It’s spontaneous–unplanned and unrehearsed–played from records as I was packing my record bag. It might be a little rough in spots, but I guess you can say it’s more of a faithful representation of what I’m like live after a few beers than some of the more careful mixes I’ve done at home in the past. And, unfortunately, it’s just over a half hour long. These days, with what little time I have, ether I record this way or I don’t record at all.

OdDio – The Malandar Mix – Tracklisting

  • Grupo Los Yoyi – Tu No Me Puedes Conquistar
  • Buari – Anokwar (Truth) (Hide & Smile Edit)
  • I.O.B. – How To Groove (Edit)
  • Luv – Crazy Changes
  • Midas Touch – Nightlife Pt. 1
  • Nasty City – Disco Baby
  • Tribute to Muhammed Ali
  • Lo-end – Le Beat
  • Alex and his Soul Messengers – Hail to Guyana (Instrumental)
  • Society Inc. – Disc Jockey Jam
  • Milton Wright – Keep It Up
  • Momie O – You’re Welcome, Stop On By

Andrew OdDio at Sala Malandar

The last few editions of Manuel Parra‘s Groov’Up have been great, but you know this one is going to be special. People are coming out of the woodwork (or so I’m told) for a rare OdDio sighting here in the place I rest my head.  And if they don’t, at least the music will be good.

Hope to see all the old Music People regulars out on March 4th for a rare reunion behind the decks in a lovely venue.


See the flyer up close

Here’s the Facebook event listing.

Groov’ Up

Since Bisau stopped doing their regular weekly party there hasn’t been much to look forward to, music-wise, here in Seville.  Things pop up now and again, but I rarely have time to organize a trip out into the word with the short notice I’m given.  Luckily, Manuel Parra has found a new home for his Groov’up party–a monthly all vinyl night focusing on northern and modern soul and disco–primarily–with a bit of house sprinkled in for good measure.

I went to the first party, with Sr. Lobezno of Granada, and it was an unqualified success.  Great vibe and crowd–not at all like what tends to happen at deep-music-centered parties here in the Andalusian capital.  This Friday Madrid’s Javi Frias (with whom I played records with in his last visit to Malandar) will be the guest of honor.  If you’re in Seville and are looking for a proper get down, this is the place.