Love Call – 2nd Anniversary Party!

Here’s the info for our big two-year celebration.  More years than ever, more jams than ever, more fun that ever!

PRESS RELEASE:  It’s been two years since Andrew OdDio and Samuel Baron started LOVE CALL, a project which aimed to open up a space in Seville for disco, boogie, and house music of the classy, deep, fun variety–and so bring music-lovers and dancers together on one very groovy dancefloor.

Since then, they’ve managed to do just that–and this is a cause for great celebration! As the word has spread and the dancefloor filled, Love Call has become one of the best-known and beloved club nights in Seville, and has garnered an excellent reputation within the disco and house scenes nationwide, culminating in the enormously successful Love Call night at BClub/Café Berlin last spring.

All of this is thanks to the open, fun, international crowd and the supremely danceable music played; talented guests DJs (JSD, Lovespread, and Juani Cash); and residents Andrew and Samuel, who will be playing dancefloor burners B2B all night on November 2 to celebrate two years of very good times.

F E V E R 0 1: Freedom Music

New set, first in a year.  100% house music, made the other day from records I was pulling for the Fever party.  I didn’t have much time to plan or warm up, so it starts a bit rough but I think I found my groove in the end.  Certainly a more accurate reflextion of how I DJ live that some of the more careful mixes on here.  Hope you enjoy!

Features music by Roy Davis Jr, San Soda, Larry Heard, Stacy Kidd, Peven Everett, Ron Trent, DJ Boring, DJ Honesty, Karizma, Amp Fiddler, Tito Wun, Dan Shake, Books, etc.