Coming Home

At long last, the new OdDioFile site is up.  The content is still missing, but the broad strokes are all there, and I couldn’t be happier with the visual vibe that JSD (of Imaginaria Studio) has given things. Finally—a site design every bit as dusty and disorganized as the record room at my place!  It feels like home.

This is no coincidence.  Last year, while in Seville for a gig, JSD stopped by to do a little research and take some photos.  So not only does this mess look like the cluttered room where most of my sets come to life, it is like it; it shares its DNA, so to speak; all the sleeves, stickers, stubs, flyers, and photos used are all from the record room.  The top menu includes two of my very favorite records (Jordi’s choice, not mine, believe it or not).  The site even includes the price tag from what must’ve been one of the first records I ever bought (sometime in early 1998 at Gramaphone records–and again, I never asked him to do this).  You’ve got to love a designer with such attention to detail.  It’s been a long wait, but it was well worth it.