Daniel Paul Cortez’s Birthday Jazz Guestmix

Daniel Paul Cortez is one of my favorite DJs.  I haven’t seen him play live since I moved to Seville eight odd years ago, but in my time in Minneapolis I saw him frequently and at such a consistently high level that his standing is hardly at risk.

If you visit the site periodically, you may remember that he did a gorgeous deep house mix for oddiofile several years back, and when I decided to open up birthday jazz for guest mixes, he was one of the very first people I contacted.  As his interests are as broad as my own, I was curious what he would do with the invitation.  Two years later I received his answer: this beauty of latin jazz mix, packed full of wonderful music and paternal emotion. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Here’s the tracklist.

Daniel Paul Cortez – Birthday Jazz

  • The Jazz Messengers – Ecaroh
  • Stanley Turrentine – La Fiesta
  • Willie Bobo – Felicidad
  • Mongo Santamaria – Happy Now
  • Wes Montgomery – Repetition
  • Jerome Richardson – No Problem
  • Ahmad Jamal – Poinciana
  • Stan Getz – Con Alma
  • Bud Shank – Illusao
  • Moacir Santos – Kathy
  • Chick Corea – Children’s Song
  • The Terry Gibbs Quartet – Hey Jim
  • Chico Hamilton – Sleepy Slept Here
  • Cannonball Adderley – Love For Sale
  • Antonio Carlos Jobim – Remember
  • Horace Silver – Kathy
  • Cal Tjader – Morning

Daniel writes:

When I was first asked to contribute this mix, my son, Archer, was just turning one. This year we celebrate his third birthday! Over the past two years, the selection of records for this Birthday Jazz mix grew and took shape, as did the love, joy, and experiences within our household. From the moments of exuberance, and chaos, to the tranquility and elation, this mix represents what I would never change for anything in the world. Archer, may your happiness continue to flourish. I love you with all of my heart and soul, mijo.

Xango’s Birthday Jazz Guestmix

To say that things have been busy since my son was born is an understatement.  While every waking (and not so waking) minute has been consumed by diapers, bottles, burping, teething, rocking, and peek-a-booing, things have naturally been quiet on the music front: no gigs, no mixes, and rarely a moment to even sit back and listen to a few records. What better time than now to kick off the Birthday Jazz guest mix series?  It’s my pleasure to present the first, done by one of Holland’s finest tropical/Brazilian music DJs.

Like the other Birthday Jazz mixes, this mix can be downloaded from the Birthday Jazz Facebook page. When you “like” the page a free download area will open up, allowing you to download all three mixes.

I’ve asked a few other friends with who responded with enthusiasm to the Birthday Jazz project, so stay tuned for other contributions from around the globe.  If you’ve got children and you’d like to play some jazzy music for them, please get in touch!


Renato Teixeira – Meu Chorinho Virou Pranto (Philips 7″, 1968)
Ivan Lins – Quero De Volta O Meu Pandeiro (Philips 7″, 1973)*
Célia – Azucri (Continental 7″, 1974)
Noel Carlos – Você É Quase Igual A Jane Fonda (Copacabana 7″, 1970)
Abílio Manoel – Pena Verde (Odeon 7″, 1969)*
Os Carbonos – Ela É Minha Menina (AMC, 1969)
Anilza Leoni – Festa Do Balamba (Copacabana 7″, 1965)
Cizinha – Prá Fazer Um Samba (Rozenblit 7″, 1968)
Os Devaneios – Embalo Diferente (EMI, 1978)
Giovana – Tataruê (RCA Victor, 1975)
T.B. Samba – Eu E O Play-Boy (Som, 1974)
Quinteto Teorema – Mafuá (RCA Victor 7″, 1971)
João Só – Ligacão (Continental 7″, 1974)
Carlos Pedro – Fitilhos Amarelos (CBS 7″, 1976)
Cezar De Mercês – Grande/Pequeno (Epic, 1979)
San Rodrigues – Fofa (Recarey 7″, 1984)
Cidinho E O Som Tropical – Samba, Carinho E Amor (Polydor, 1980)
Tobias – Coisa Sentimental (Capitol 7″, 1978)
Chico Batera E Don Beto – La Rumba (Som Livre, 1979)
João Luiz – Sambaré (RCA Victor 7″, 1974)

Birthday Jazz – A Mix Series

I recorded the first volume of Birthday Jazz in 2010 to commemorate the birth of my daughter, Blanca. When she was just a few months old some of our closest friends and family got together at a nice little spot down by the Guadalquivir to celebrate her life. The mix, which I had recorded especially for that occasion, played in the background.

A few weeks later I uploaded it to Mixcloud, where it was an immediate success. People’s reactions to the mix and the sentiment behind it surprised and exhilarated me–so much support and encouragement from so many complete strangers.  Strangely, over time this mix has grown to feel even more personal even as it’s so public.

We all know that music has the wonderful power to revive past moments and make them vivid again, and when I listen to this mix I return to that initial, burning feeling–the raw hope that marked the arrival of my daughter. There have been times when I felt that the mix has been able to provide me with something almost like guidance by taking me back and putting the present into perspective. And I’ve listened to the mix so often–it has been the main soundtrack to these years of big changes and challenges and joy.

Now that the mix is so loaded with memories, I think it’s time to look forward.  A second volume of the series is on its way–one that I hope can express what life for us is like now. I can think of no better way to honor my wonderful daughter than with music from the heart. I can’t wait for the day she’s finally ready to fully share in this very special music with me and explore the sonic record I’ve left for her.

Many thanks to all who have favorited the mix, recommended it to others, and supported the birthday jazz vision over the past few years.  I’ve finally decided to make the mix available to download via the Birthday Jazz page on facebook.  Once you’ve clicked the like button a “Free Download” button will appear that will take you to the downloads area.