Welcome Back

It’s been a minute, but after a long and restful summer of travel and family I’m back in the record room and looking forward to what is shaping up to be quite a club season. The first LOVE CALL party isn’t for another month yet, and you’ll have to wait a bit longer for another project I’m starting with Nicson from Flumo Recordings, but I’ll be making a few appearances before that (in Seville and Cordoba). The first is with beGun, Reyes Estrada, and Esteban Bove from LIE on day one of Sala Malandar’s big OPENING PARTY on Friday, September 7.  I’ll be playing peaktime, so bring those dancing shoes. For more info click HERE.

Love Call – March 17 – with Special Guest JSD

Samuel and I are very excited about our first guest at Love Call, Jordi Sagrera aka JSD.  Jordi is the designer behind the Oddiofile website, the Love Call logo, and all of our flyers, but he is also a very talented DJ with deep crates and exquisite tastes.  Check the exclusive mix he did for Love Call here to see what I mean.

Love Call

For more info, check the Facebook event here.