The Sun Set

It’s been hot here lately–way too hot.  So I made this mix.

Sun Set – Andrew OdDio (June 21, 2017)

  1. Lucas Arrada – Physis
  2. Ramp – Everybody Loves the Sunshine
  3. Sue Barker – Love to the People
  4. Yussef Kamaal – Yo Chavez
  5. Tarika Blue – Dreamflower
  6. Azymuth – Orange Clouds
  7. Helio Matheus – Mais Kriola
  8. DJ Day – Honey
  9. Soul Scientific – Lazy Afternoon
  10. Leo’s Sunshipp – Give me the Sunshine
  11. Ed Motta – Sombras Do Meu Destino
  12. Letta Mbulu – Normalizo
  13. Labelle – Moonshadow (Edit)
  14. Ana Rosely – Skim Dum Dum Dum
  15. Elzio de Buzios – Tamanqueiro
  16. Althea Forrest & Togetherness – Hey Mister (Instrumental)
  17. Azimuth – Tempos Atraz
  18. Esperanto – Alegria
  19. Grupo Los Yoyi – El Fino
  20. Ingram – Mi Sabrina Tequana
  21. Idris Muhammad – Could Heaven Ever Be Like This
  22. Malcolm – Telephone Jam
  23. Glenn Underground – Afro Gente
  24. Mateo & Matos – Idris Rises
  25. Mr. Beatnick – Sun Goddess
  26. Oddisee – On the Table
  27. Byron the Aquarius – Better Tomorrow

Melô do Andrew OdDio (A Brazilian Wax Mix)

About three weeks ago, shortly after the start of the World Cup, my third Brazilian Wax mix, “Melô do Andrew OdDio,” hit the cloud.

It was my first mix since last fall, since Matthew was born, and I actually had to hire a babysitter so that I could have the block of uninterrupted time I needed to record.  I’d been meaning to do the mix for ages, and such a long time passed that, after months of adding a compacto here and an LP there, I ended up with over 50 records I intended to use–way too many. Rather then try to force everything in, I found a comfortable path through the stacks on classic and recently-acquired compactos and a couple LP cuts, starting out with mellow samba soul and meandering slowly through patches of more funk and boogie influenced cuts.

I was lucky to get the support of my friends and LDBK Belgium, who have helped maximize exposure by posting it on their Mixcloud page.  You can listen to “Melô do Andrew OdDio” and the other two Brazilian Wax mixes with the player below, or download an mp3 from the record room.  The World Cup may be over, but summer is long and listening to samba is the perfect way to spend it.

The track list goes a little something like this:

  1. Toquinho – Carolina, Carol Bella
  2. Brazilian Singers – O Telefone Tocou Novamente
  3. Bebeto – Segura Nega
  4. Elizabeth Viana – Meu Guarda-Chuva
  5. Abilio Manoel – Pena Verde
  6. Abilio Manoel – Luiza Manequim
  7. Ze Roberto – Lotus 73
  8. Marcia Maria – Amigo Branco
  9. Di Melo – Pernalonga
  10. Deny & Dino – Esse Cara Nao Ta Com Nada
  11. Abaixo – Manter escavando
  12. Gabriella – Descubra Você Mesmo
  13. Arma Secreta – Samba Marinero
  14. Banda Idade Media – Swat Samba
  15. Gang do Tagarela – Melô Do Tagarela
  16. Hot Stuff Band – Juju man
  17. Junior Mendes – Toque Tropical
  18. Hyldon – Rio de Janeiro Brasil
  19. Elizio de Buzios – Tamanqueiro
  20. Hermes Aquino – Eu Quero Ser Teu Rei
  21. Serginho Meriti – Tipo Help
  22. Sandra Sa – Olhos Coloridos
  23. Manter Escavando – Fazer alguma pesquisa

Brazilian Wax by Oddio on Mixcloud