New Mix to Kick Off 2017: The Malandar Mix

Here’s a new mix, which I put together for a Music People party last week at Sala Malandar, Sevilla. It’s spontaneous–unplanned and unrehearsed–played from records as I was packing my record bag. It might be a little rough in spots, but I guess you can say it’s more of a faithful representation of what I’m like live after a few beers than some of the more careful mixes I’ve done at home in the past. And, unfortunately, it’s just over a half hour long. These days, with what little time I have, ether I record this way or I don’t record at all.

OdDio – The Malandar Mix – Tracklisting

  • Grupo Los Yoyi – Tu No Me Puedes Conquistar
  • Buari – Anokwar (Truth) (Hide & Smile Edit)
  • I.O.B. – How To Groove (Edit)
  • Luv – Crazy Changes
  • Midas Touch – Nightlife Pt. 1
  • Nasty City – Disco Baby
  • Tribute to Muhammed Ali
  • Lo-end – Le Beat
  • Alex and his Soul Messengers – Hail to Guyana (Instrumental)
  • Society Inc. – Disc Jockey Jam
  • Milton Wright – Keep It Up
  • Momie O – You’re Welcome, Stop On By