Love Call 4th Anniversary Stream

Sam and I will be playing tunes at the first of many Electronic Lunch streaming sessions to celebrate four years of good tunes and good times. It all kicks off at 8pm (Spanish time) on Saturday, November 28. You can watch here.

[That’s 8pm Spain, 7pm UK, 2pm New York, 1pm Minneapolis/Chicago, 11 am brunch hour in California, early morning breakfast time in Hawaii, and–ouch!–3am on Christmas Island.]

New LOVE CALL mix!

Sam and I got together over records and beers–that time honored DJ tradition gone alarmingly scare in the past decade–and ended up recording a bit of a warm-up set for Saturday. It’s not perfect, but the music is dope and it’s not like we’re going to do a second take. 🙂 See you at Sala X on Saturday!!